Maccabi Haifa 1998/99 Non-Match Shirt - #21

This Maccabi Haifa shirt is quite unique, as it is not a match shirt, yet nevertheless a very rare and very beautiful shirt. After extensive research, it was discovered that this shirt was used by the team in a photo shoot for the "Supergol" sticker album at the beginning of the 1998/99 season, with Maccabi returning to using Lotto shirts after being with Nike for the two previous seasons. However, this beautiful shirt was never used in games, with a much simper and boring Lotto design being used instead.

Unfortunately, I could not establish which player was #21 this season. Attached below are the pictures of the team wearing the shirt in the above mentioned photo shoot.

Guy Melamed wearing the shirt in the Supergol photo shoot

Maccabi Haifa players wearing the shirt in the Supergol photo shoot